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- the sheep portal is more than just a homepage...... maybe - this site will never be mobile friendly - this site supports world peace - this site might give you feelings of falling upward - this site comes with a compilmentary breath of diet air - this site has imperfect html coding - this site contains hidden links in certain text and/or singular symbols - how can this site be viewed when our eyes aren't real? - did the man who invented the internet go on the internet? - this is a waste of time -

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Baldi is awoken by nightmares.
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09/11/18 - The Stupid Little Hunger Games Simulation!

This is some killer filler! An Idiots' battle royale.

11/07/17 - Weirdest October Pictures! Halloween Part 2

Part two of a halloween special! Weird images of my October.

10/23/17 - Two Years of Sheep Portal! Halloween Part 1

Part one of a halloween special! This website's history!

10/12/17 - WeebArtifacts - Cartoon Fantasy Organization

One of the first weeb groups in freedom land, and a folder from eBay

12/10/15 - Interesting Abandoned Websites That I Found

Three really bizzare abandoned websites from the early to mid-late 2000's