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Written by Tobias Fisher, 12/10/15

The Internet is full of websites packed with activity, forums, videos, some obscure YouTube video where a guy said something mean about donuts or something where 12,900 people came to "debate" about donuts, you can find alot of interesting people and communities with a few clicks! But, sometimes, communities die, people lose their interests, and websites end up abandoned! Plundering these forgotten riches of bad html coding and really specific topics are fascinating, yet at the a same time saddening experience.

So, let us embark on a journey.... to look at three ghost town esque websites that havent been touched in a while.
On our first stop we have...

Lemmy's Land


What we have here is a community/homepage dedicated to Lemmy from the mario games.
Why? I have no clue, I guess people liked turtles back then.
There aren't really any dates on this website, so it's really hard to know when this place exactly got abandoned, but since most of the links to other pages lead to sites that either don't exist or have become business sites, and that one of the sites is A GEOCITIES PAGE, we can safely say it's been a while. One of the news bullet points say the site has turned 13 years old, on June 23rd, no year date given.

This seemed to be an actual sorta popular place, with a lot of sections full of information, fan submitted articles and art, it's own currency of sorts (koopaling votes), and a guestbook!

Speaking of the link sections, look at this amazing image you're greeted to at the top of the page:

Yeah, funny, an artifact of what internet humor was years ago (not that we're any funnier).

One of the sections, White Ice Castle Gym, is a... Pokemon Gym, but with the Koopalings. W H A T ? ! One of the links shows you Lemmy's 48 REVOLTING badges...

Clicking on one of the badges slowly redirects to a page called Reality's End, and that leads us to...

Reality's End


This one might be cheating since the last news update was on 2014, and the latest forum post was pretty recent, but the rest of the site is really, really dated and untouched. If you look at the art, you'll notice the early '00s DeviantArt style, you know, the edgy Slipknot listener kind.

This, just as Lemmy's Land, seemed to be kinda popular, with it's own forum, a few games, a few webstories, and it's own Pokemon League thing, which is where our reptilian friend Lemmy aquired his disgusting badges.

There is so much stuff on this site, it's amazing. It's sad when a personal site is abandoned, and even sadder if it's something on a scale as big as this.
There's not alot to say about it though, if we're talking about absurdity like Lemmy's Land, so we shall put on our galoshes and tread to our last location.

Marble Palace


Another Pokemon site! Christ I'm sensing a pattern here. There's not too much to say, except the weird updates from the site's webmaster, specifically the most recent one.

Well, recent in the loosest term, this site was created in 2001 (old as me) and hasn't been updated since '02, which means it was active for one year, one year, but suprisingly quite a few things on here. There is a Pokedex... that doesn't work, there's a long list of staff and contributors, which list their AIM accounts, a whopping three articles, a nonexistent forum, bizarre columns, actually quite a few fanfictions (most by some dude called Darth David), a humor section also dominated by Darth David, and a chat.

Sorry for the run-on sentence

I advise you to check it out for yourself, for 2002 standards, it's pretty good


These three websites are weird, fun, interesting, and different, if you like abandoned websites that arent your typical archived Geocities page, I recommend these to check out!

Well, this is the end of this article, the very first article on Tobias87. Three weird websites that have been sitting dormant for a while!
Email me at tobias.fshr@gmail.com for suggestions for future articles!