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Halloween Special part two
The Spooky Article

Written by Tobias Fisher, 11/07/2017

This is the second part of the halloween special, so I'm gonna start this off with a spooky skeleton animation that I found on irtc.org (thanks to websitering for having the page linked).

Pretty spooky, huh?
Well, I hope you all had a good halloween, because for me, halloween sucked. There were no houses decorated, there were no trick or treaters, I didn't even get to watch one halloween special on tv. You know what I ate on halloween? Yogurt and Taco Bell. Awful. And I saw that Snowman movie.... trash! Faceook didn't even bring back the halloween reacts. There were some decent things though. In my history class, one of my friends was dressed up as both McCree from Overwatch and Big Shaq, I took a photo of him as Big Shaq on a disposable camera. I also got some pieces of chocolate. Aside from that, it was a very disappointing night.

Enough about my awful halloween, I'm here to show weird and/or spooky things that I saw.

Here is a weird strawberry colored Spongebob that was in a mini pinata
for my Mom's birthday. Maybe he's soaked in the blood of his enemies.

The Double Boner, a skeletal elite, spotted at the 99 Cent Store.
His boney stare can calcify even the most boneless man.

A random guy at school dressed up as Pink Guy.
His smug aurora makes my spine want to twist into the golden ratio,
and the fact that he's wearing shorts and holding a bluetooth speaker makes God cry.

A weird pink haired shaman in a Stewie Griffin hat.
Totally not just me in donated Goodwill stuff.

Well, yeah, this was a very short and uneventful article. Nothing really happened in october this year, so... yeah sorry guys. Hopefully next year there'll be something extra spooky!