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Halloween Special part one
Two Years of The Sheep Portal

Written by Tobias Fisher, 10/23/2017

Two years ago on this day, I started a website called Tobias87. The year after, i changed the name to The Sheep Portal. I haven't done much with this site. In fact, this is only the third article on this site. But still, I've had fun working on it and I love the neocities community.
So, to celebrate the two years, I thought it would be fun to look at the site's older incarnations.

Sadly, there arent many archived pages of The Sheep Portal from this time,
but screenshots from Facebook exist.
This was the first verison of Tobias87.neocities.org. Very simple. This was the gif that was used on the page.

The next version of the site. The very first 88x31 link buttons, and an introductory image below. Still very basic.

A more clean design, and a background image. I don't remember what WorldsZone Midis was, but maybe I'll make a midi section on this website onr day....

The earliest version of the current design.

Well, those are all the existing screenshots.... but, there is a wayback save of the website that I'm showing now!
Click here to see!
This was December 11th 2015, the day after I wrote the Abandoned Websites article. Note that there's a link to Joe's World, a text series about a sta gaurdian named Joe and his adventures. I only made one story and there are no archives or sceenshots of it. I might do something with it or in it's style in the future.

I don't remember when, but last year I changed the site name from Tobias87.neocities.org to Thesheepportal.neocities.org

That's everything I have for now, so uhhhh.... have this spooky image of babies.