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After such a long time of being dormant, I think it's time to officially say farewell to The SHeep Portal. It's been a fun few years, I am going to make a new website called planetglass. Hope to see you there fellas!


Wow, three whole years of The Sheep Portal! Yeet!
Thank you all for going on my website all this time.


Ay, they had eggnog at Wal-Mart.... FINALLY!!!! Hell yeah I'm drinking a jug of it by myself right now.


First news update of October 2018! I've been making the website g r e e n instead of blue
for the past few dayvs, not a fun process. Anyways, here's me in an amazingly trash outfit I compiled at a local Goodwill. Sadly, I'm broke and couldn't buy the jeans.
(my phone's camera isn't actually this bad, i just made the images smaller and saved as .gif for aesthetic purposes!)


In the process of making my website more compact.


Woohoo, 90 Neocities followers!


Got this Gummo shirt in the mail, I'm so happy!


Thank you all for 80 followers! owo


I announce today that fashion must die.
Piss on your Rick Owens, yeet yout Yeezys, stain your Supreme shorts, downgrade your techwear.
Tie Halloween masks around your waist and hang your neck from my jewels.
Weird Goodwill shirts will dominate any and every Louis Vuitton drop! TRASH-ion forever.


Deleted the Link To and Contact pages and merged them
with the About The Site and About Me pages.


Today was a late start day at school, so I didn't leave until 9:00 AM.
I spent my 3 hours of free morning time by watching Jean-Luc Godard's 1960 movie Breathless for the first time, on Criterion Blu-ray on a huge 4K tv in the front room. It was a really good movie (Patricia is French New Waifu) and it was a great way to start the day. I loved the pacing and editing of it so much, also the Jean-Pierre Melville cameo was dope.


A few days ago, my dad and I got out last names changed from Fisher to Cooper. Cooper is my dad's biological last name, he was adopted by Ron Fisher. Today I submitted my website to the Cool and Good webring, because Hyperlink switched their style from a true webring to a hub page of sorts. Working on a new article, a review of Eric Bresler's 2003 documentary Otaku Unite!.
Also, for whatever reason, a season of Big Bang Theory got released on home video today. Why.


Yesterday, I created a new thing on the website, The Shelf, which is a listing of all Blu-rays, DVDs, and VHS tapes that I own. I might be open to trading DVDs and VHS tapes in the future owo.


I really can't believe Adventure Time is over.
I was 8 when it first aired, watching it on a crappy small plasma tv in my living room.
It really is amazing it was on the air for this long though. I feel like it's the end of an era. The end of the 2010s,
atleast what the 2010s are for me.


I started getting into movies recently these past few months.
My favorite movies so far are Gummo, Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, Kagemusha, Trainspotting, and Los Olvidados. Maybe I'll make a gallery or something of all the Blu-rays, DVDs, and VHS tapes I have :).


Anyways for some reason, my school played Kanye West's Runaway, uncensored, through the intercom. It was weird.


Earlier this morning, about 7:50, there were five or six planes circling my school sky-writing.
There were maybe five messages in total, most of them were hard to make out, I only made out a couple words:
WELCOME TO ______________.
____________ NORK.
Some kids thought the messages were about North Korea.
I searched up Nork and all I found was that it is australian slang for large breasts. Earlier one of my friends said that today was another one of those supposed end-of-the-world days, so..... who knows?


Brainstorming some dumb ideas for the next article.


Yesterday for Easter / April Fools, my uncle Joey had a barbeque.
My mom, Darrel, my uncle Bernard, Juana, and I went. Joey cooked up some ribs, chicken, and sausage.
There was also fruit salad, chips, and home-made salsa that Joey said my abuelita used to make.


If you've ever wanted to wear my face on a cloth, now is your lucky day,
because now there's the Tobias Alien Buddy T-Shirt, available here


Yesterday, my mom gave birth to my brand new baby sister. Her name is... Linda...
(her bf named her, I know my mom also hates the name lol)


Yesterday, in anatomy, we dissected a sheep brain. baa.


Sorry for the absense. Holy heck it's almost Christmas ówò!


I wish I was a weeb in the 90s right now.


I went to a powwow in Riverview with my nana yesterday.


Thank you all for 50 NeoCities follows!


Today is late start / PSAT testing. I'll try to get the Tobias Gallery started.


I broke my school laptop, so I'm using the library computer and my phone for now.


I compressed almost all the images on this site with TinyPNG. The website size went from 14 MB to 8.6 MB! owo.


Yesterday, walking home from school, I stopped into a small Mexican corner store. I wanted to get a bag of duritos, but I couldn't find chamoy so I got an ice cream sandwich. When I was at the counter buying it, there was a skinny mexican man next to the door with spiked hair in a tank top talking to someone on the other side of the store. He was trying to say how white people and mexicans act differently at his work, but the guy across didn't want to talk about that and said that he's not into racial conversations like that. I don't know why I remember that or wrote that down.


I saw a dude and a girl at my school dressed like Pink Guy from Filthy Frank yesterday. Why.


The new article might be out by tomorrow! I'm also planning a halloween special, and maybe I'll make a shrine page to my favorite forgotten cartoon, Eek The Cat.


Updated some pages that were stuck in the S🅱one Age!


I went to a video game store today, it was really cool, maybe I'll make an article about it.


More updates, tweaks, tweakers, twinks, and twinkies.


I brought back the link bar! yaayyyy. Expect more updates.


The Sheep Portal is getting revamped!


Working on a new article for the site, added a chat room, and much more!

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