Flipnote Hatena was a very big part of my childhood

and I am always sad that it ended, a huge collection of content made by artists young and old, by sprite makers, by song writers, by amateur kids who had no talent but still wanted something to show to the world, gone。deleted。hatena's contract with nintendo ended, and the service was stopped on may, 31st, 2013。

Tobias "Sheep" Cooper

Memories of Watching and Creating on Flipnote Hatena

i remember the first night i ever went on flipnote hatena. i used to be afraid to touch the button that would open flipnote hatena because i thought it would take you to a new version of flipnote studio and you would never get your old flipnotes back (i was young). i remember seeing all the flipnotes made by other people, and i got this feeling of joy。 i think the first ever flipnote on hatena i watched was of an eevee。that was back in late 2010, i think december, but i was making flipnotes earlier, since my birthday on june 20th 2010。

Important and Memorable Flipnotes (to me atleast)

these are flipnotes that are very important to me。they have influenced me on some level。some flipnotes will have transcripts and/or lyrics beneath them。